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Military Music Selections

While we served our country in the military, music played an important role in our careers. We had it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. We marched to it, danced to it, listened to it during ceremonies of all kinds, and have many memories of it, both happy and sad.

So, having been so much of a background and with commonality for all, here are some selected pieces for you to enjoy. The formats are all mp3 due to the quality of the reproduction. To save any of these selections for your personal use, right click and elect "save target as" (or "save file as"), and pick your destination directory on your computer.

Air Force Hymn   Taps   Tattoo   Retreat   Air Force Blue   AF Song (vocal)   Amazing Grace (bagpipes)

America the Beautiful   Armed Services Medley   Battle Hymn of the Republic   Eternal Father   God Bless the USA

El Capitan March   Men of Ohio March   National Anthem   National Emblem March   Reveille

Stars and Stripes Forever   To the Colors   Bravura March   Auld Lang Syne   Black Horse Troop

Yellow Rose of Texas     It's A Long Way to Tipperary

I'm Proud to be an American      Washington Post March      Kate Smith - God Bless America

Ballad of the Green Beret      The Star Spangled Banner (choral)     

The Star Spangled Banner (instrumental)         You're a Grand Old Flag

Nostalgia - The C141 Starlifter with Johnny Cash