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NEW MILITARY POLICE UNIFORM -- Captain Albert Feldman, second from left, inspects Mitchel Field military police wearing the new uniform he was responsible for instituting for M.P. units here. The uniforms are the same as those worn overseas and have been approved by General George Stratemeyer, commanding officer of the U.S.A.A.F. defense command. The uniform, standard tunic and pants, is set off by white lanyard, white leggings, white gloves, white helmets and white scarves, the latter salvaged from old parachutes.

MITCHELL FIELD MP'S ADOPT NEW UNIFORM--When Captain Albert Feldman (Colonel, Ret), now in command of the military police detachment at Mitchel Field, arrived in this country from duty with the American zone of occupation in Germany he brought with him ideas on what the well-dressed army cop should wear.

The natty, colorful garb that distinguished the GI cop at Nuerenburg, arrived here May 27 with Captain Feldman.

All the accessories are white. In wartime, military policemen directed traffic in black-outs and white was a utility phase of dress. The style calls for a white helmet, lanyard, gloves, scraf and belt. The scarfs are strips of parachute cloth.

Captain Feldman, whose change of uniform has been approved by Lieutenant General George E. Straitemeyer, commanding general of the United States airforce (sic) defense command, is an old-timer. He commanded company B, 759th MP battalion in Berlin. There he handled 95 per cent of American-Russian incidents. His outfit supplied honor guards for visiting officials of all nations.

Photo from Nassau Daily Review-Star, Long Island, NY, October 7, 1947